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Need help with anything OMTech? Discounts, Setup, Test Cards, Upgrades. We got you covered. Anything not found here can be found in our OMTech Official Lasers Users Group on Facebook founded and created by the LASERGUYS!

For any OMTech purchases use LASERGUYS5OFF for 5% discount!

LASERGUYS5OFF is the 5% discount, but here are some others

Step by Step guide (with videos) to help you setup your OMTech Laser

Want to make upgrades, but don't know what to get or what will work? Check these out.

Click on the buyers guide to help you determine which laser might be best for you

All lasers need some sort of maintenance to not only work effectively, but to also maintain life longevity. Take a look here for items that you may need and how to clean your laser the right way.

Had a part go down and needs replacing? Maybe you want some extra items on hand. Here are some common parts, supplies, and vendors that work on the OMTech lasers.

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