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Well hello... we are Brandt, Cam, and Josh.  Just three random guys that met each other on Social Media (Instagram).  Brandt and Josh are located in Utah, and Cam calls Michigan home.  


We are a trio of makers, hobbyists, small business owners, and now, mentors. Each of us are regular OMTech laser owners with a passion for making and helping others. We have multiple OMTech lasers (50w POLAR, 60w, 80w, 100w co2's and 30w Galvo, 60w MOPA, and 100w MOPA fibers). We originally started helping folks on Instagram before we realized there was a much bigger need to help people with this specific brand of lasers.


Together, we run/admin the Offical OMTech Laser Facebook Group. After a while, members in the group starting calling us the Laser Guys... and it stuck.  


All three of us have families, day jobs, and laser/woodworking businesses on the side.  


We hope you find information on the site helpful and appreciate you stopping by.  If you can't find an answer to what you are looking for, or have any questions, please reach out.  We would be happy to help.

Brandt, Cam, and Josh



Head Shot Brandt.webp

Brandt W.
Bearded Builds Co.

Head Shot Cam.webp

Cam E.
Edmonds Woodshop


Head Shot Josh.webp

Josh W.
Wright's Woodworks


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