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Looking for a bit more laser information... check out the sections below.  Everything from how-to instructions, installation videos, and more.  Check out the options below. Something for everyone. 


Looking to purchase, but don't know what machine is right for you or your business?  Look no further, we can help.


CO2 Laser Air Assist Upgrade for OMTech LASERGUYS

Upgraded air assist helps in many different ways. Keeps lens clean, cleaner cuts with minimal charred edges, reduces flareups, and in most cases... gains cut efficiency.  

OMTech CO2 Laser Upgrades LED Lights LASERGUYS

What's the fun of watching the laser work if you can't see what's happening inside.  Bring the sun inside with a set of LED's.

OMTech CW5200 Water Chiller LASERGUYS

Water chillers are a great addition to your laser set up.  Set it and forget it.  The chiller will keep the water at a constant temperature to get maximum power and efficiency from your laser.

OMTech Rotary Upgrade Laserguys CO2 Laser

Create your own customer tumblers, mugs, and glassware.  Easy to use, and plug-n-play with your laser machine.

OMTech CO2 Laser lens mirrors upgrade LASERGUYS

Make sure to have an extra lens for your machine.  Things happen, and extra lenses on hand can minimize downtime.  

OMTech AC Infinity Inline fan LASERGUYS

Upgrade the stock fan with an inline exhaust fan. More power, higher CFM, cleaner laser cabinet, and super quiet. WIN! 

Lightburn OMTech Co2 laser software LASERGUYS

LightBurn is layout, editing, and control software for your laser cutter. Best controlling software for your laser... HANDS DOWN!

OMTech CO2 Laser Camera Upgrade

Easy alignment, tracing, and monitoring.  Many different options available to fit your laser model to use with the LightBurn software.

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